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Raw material. We have chosen the wood as it has been the most common and available building material with long durability, good qualities of building and healthy. In building the houses we use good quality winter cut pine, carefully chosen for this purpose. To guarantee the high quality of our products we purvey the raw material only from State forest management centre (RMK).

Log profiles and mitre joints. An important decision to make when purchasing your log frame is the type of log profile and corner style. The corner style that you choose will greatly effect look of your log home, both aesthetically as well as structurally. We offer a choice between two different types of logs - massive squared log (thickness 200 mm) or round log (diameter 250 mm). In case of square timber we use mitre joint ‘Norwegian dovetail’, which gives effective protection against wind. In case of round timber ‘dog neck’ mitre joint is used. Upon request, we can incorporate the log profile and mitre joint style of your choice.

Log selection and preperation. The logs are placed in the hands of experienced builders, who selects logs carefully for length, straightness and minimal taper. All logs are peeled and all outer bark is removed. Each individual log will be then cutted, fitted, scribed and notched. Door and window openings are cut and grooved for installation of tenon boards. When the log frame is completed, all log ends are sanded to a smooth finish.

Delivery of Your log frame. To keep the assembling of the log frame organized each log is marked with a letter/numbering code. All grooves and mitre joints are insulated prior to delivery. After disassembly at the factory the log package is loaded onto a truck ready for delivery. When purchasing the “Log part” package only without reassembling on the construction site, then at this point our work is completed.

Reassembled on Your foundation. Re-erection of the log frame takes approximately 1 to 3 days and assembing of the “Weather Tight Shell” package 3 to 5 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the house.

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