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LLC VALKAN is an Estonian manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted log frames financed by private capital. Our familial company was founded in 2002 and it`s main activity is to build a wide variety of handcrafted log buildings of pinewood square and round timber. In time we have expand the variety of production by building also timber frame and milled log houses.

We build homes individually from the drawings provided to us by our customers: full construction drawings designed by architect, catalogue drawings of other manufacturers or according to drafts made by the customers them-selves by hand. Then we supply our customers with modified construction drawings, made with AutoCad, which leaves therfore freedom in choosing plan, which satisfies Your needs and dreams.

The product range includes family residences, as well as commercial buildings. When ordering handmade or milled log building, we supply our customers mainly with the ‘log part’ only, but it is also possible to order the ‘weather tight shell’ package of a house. Upon request we provide the mounting of our products on construction site.

Building a house is an important decision for any family since a home is built for lifetime and will be legacy for our children and grandchildren. We have chosen wood for house building, as it has been the most common and available building material with long durability, good qualities of building and healthy. Handcrafted log building contains the best of past and future – old traditions and ecological living. For this tradition to live on we continue to build high quality log houses by hand.

Our crew of experienced builders work hard to comply all standards and to create homes that fulfil our customer wishes and requirements, which we can achieve as a result of cooperation with you during the building process. As a family business we are able to operate more flexibly and we take time and care with every home that we build.

Thank you for your interest in LLC VALKAN. We hope that you find our products to be the right ones for you. If you need additional information about our products or project estimation, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

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